India has warmly embraced the travel trailer and camper revolution! Watch the video above to hear what people are saying about Club Campers and the caravan transformation sweeping the nation.

Forest River Travel Trailers Now Available in India

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Kanwal Singh

Kanwal Singh

Founder & CEO

Pioneer of Luxury Caravanning in India

In a vast country steeped in diverse landscapes and cultures, Kanwal Singh envisioned a novel way to experience it all – through the luxury and comfort of Forest River campers. Being the first to bring such opulence on wheels to India at scale, he didn’t just introduce a product, but a whole new lifestyle.

His own journey, an epic caravan odyssey from Delhi to Bangalore, wasn’t merely a trip; it was a proclamation of his belief in this lifestyle. Every bend in the road, every sunset viewed from a different locale, only deepened his passion for the unique charm of a mobile abode.

But for Kanwal, a Chartered Accountant and CPA by education and having worked in corporate world across the globe for over 25 years, it’s more than just the luxury or the mobility. It’s the philosophy of having a ‘home on wheels’ – the freedom to explore without leaving behind the comforts of home, the joy of impromptu detours, and the allure of unknown horizons. Under his guidance and vision, caravanning in India is not just about travel; it’s about crafting stories, creating memories, and embracing the open road with open arms.

On the Road with Kanwal: The Delhi to Bangalore Adventure

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Curated Camper Trails

Venture off the beaten path and into the heart of India’s mesmerizing landscapes with our curated camper trails. From coastal breezes and heritage wonders to spiritual sanctuaries and verdant plantations, each journey is a story waiting to be lived. Dive into these handpicked routes and discover the road less travelled, all with the luxury and comfort of your very own campervan. Embrace the adventure; let the trails beckon!

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Our vision is to help people experience the joy of outdoors. We aspire to bring family and friends together by providing quality recreational products that serve their interests, budget, and lifestyle.


The Club's Way!

The life we lead these days requires a getaway every now and then. Many of us resort to luxurious hotel holidays, however, heading out in your car and your mobile home to the most exotic locations is an experience that simply cannot be described in words! And that is exactly what Club Campers provides. Think of us as the dream team you’d need to fulfil your dream of making the world your oyster! Renew yourself and fulfil your passion for outdoors, with our range of Travel Trailers.

Experience the Club Campers life.

“Do not follow where a path may lead. Go Instead where there is no path and lead a trail..”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves.”

– Pico Iyer

“Fear is only temporary, regrets last forever”

– Unknown

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

– Unknown

"Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

– Dolly Parton

"Once a year go some place you've never been before."

– Dalai Lama

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