Introducing Off-Roading Like Never Before: Club Campers x OPUS Campers

We’re thrilled to embark on a groundbreaking journey by partnering with OPUS Campers, bringing an exceptional range of off-roading trailers to India.

Adventure Unleashed: Designed for the daring and the bold, these trailers are your ticket to exploring the uncharted with confidence and style.

Rugged Meets Innovation: Experience the perfect blend of OPUS’s innovative design and our commitment to quality, ensuring every adventure is memorable and every terrain conquerable.

Ready for the Indian Terrain: Tailored to meet the unique challenges of Indian landscapes, our off-roading trailers are here to transform your outdoor escapades.

Join the Revolution: Embrace the call of the wild with a companion that’s as adventurous as you are. Discover the ultimate in off-road luxury and performance with Club Campers and OPUS Campers.

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